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Why Budget for a Wedding Manager?

In the first few weeks of wedding planning, you and your partner should be discussing priorities. Perhaps it’s killer food and bar packages. Maybe it’s a floral design to die for. And maybe it’s just the fact that you don’t want to be the one that encourages your guests to take their seats for your first dance.

A “day-of coordinator” is much more than just that; they don’t just show up the day of the wedding expecting to make sure things run smoothly. (At least they shouldn’t be, make sure you do your research). Instead, they begin working with you in the final weeks to make sure your timeline is clean, your caterer has final counts and floor plan, your emcee has their script and song choices correct, and is making final calls on your behalf. As you’ll discover through the planning process, there is the potential for details to get lost along the way. When you hire a professional for Wedding Management, you are guaranteed that point person who is picking up the missing pieces and laying them into place before the big day arrives.

The biggest hesitation couples have to hire a wedding manager is the cost. There are many reasons, including those mentioned above, that I could go on about to justify why the cost is worth it. But ultimately, you need to be asking yourselves whether you’ll be bothered if something goes wrong on your wedding day and you weren’t able to enjoy it. Could you have had someone there as your defense? If the answer is “YES,” well let’s have a chat and I’ll explain my responsibilities for your big day to ensure it runs the way you have envisioned together. Don’t let yourselves become one of the many who regret not having hired the wedding manager when you had the opportunity to.

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