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You're Engaged. Now What?

Celebrate, and pop that champagne! But then...stress starts to set in and you're not sure what to do first. Follow the simple steps below to start wedding planning off on the right foot.

  1. Create a preliminary guest list Starting the wedding planning process with a rough guest count is helpful for so many reasons. It will help you to narrow down venues based on size, set a realistic "per head" price you're willing to spend for food and beverage, and prioritize guest experience.

  2. Set your budget Do not book your venue or any vendors until you have a budget set. Just don't. You need a budget in order to find vendors that fit not only the style you like, but won't break the bank. When you have a number in mind, begin to break it down by vendor category. Not sure how much to allocate in each category? Before sending yourself into a tailspin, book a consultation with a wedding planner to educate you on average costs and help you get your footing.

  3. Start a Pinterest board Yep, you can begin the fun part! The reason a Pinterest board makes top 3 on my list is because your style and wishlist drives the types of vendors you should be looking for. For example, it really helps a floral designer to know the color palette, bouquet size, centerpieces, etc. that your eye is drawn to. Once they have an idea of those things, they can help you to understand if they'll be a good fit for you, and if they can execute your vision reasonably within budget. The more visual information you have for vendors, the better!

  4. Consider hiring a wedding planner This isn't a marketing plug, I promise. I just want you to understand the value of having a professional who can guide you, and the value of that person's relationships in the industry. After concerns about budget planning, the next most stressful part for couples is narrowing down vendors that may or may not be a good fit. Skip the price shopping, skip hours of emails, skip the hassle, and let someone do the work for you so that you can fully enjoy it.

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